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Hi! My name is Marian Taskov. I'm a web developer.

I have a diploma in JavaScript web development, but I also really enjoy my work when I build a site with WordPress. In this way I find fast, creative, and unique solutions to meet customer requirements. 

HTML 90%
CSS 85%
JavaScript 70%
WordPress 80%
Web Designer 60%

Web development is my passion

I have worked hard for years and continue to improve my web development skills. I have had many sleepless nights with countless cups of coffee spent learning and improving my knowledge

My Services

Website development, Website design, and Website support are just some of the services I offer. I work with focus on the client’s needs, with respect and trust for the mutual benefit.

Web Development

Find the best solutions for your business

Website Design

Responsive design and user experience

Website Support

Proper and regular maintenance of a website

My Works

Am I good at my job?

Krum Monev

Thank you, Marian! It’s a pleasure to work with you. Fast, correct, and high quality.


Rosen Meliov

Congrats, Marian! You are very good at your job. Highly recommend!